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Ethics Agreement
  1. I have read, comprehend, and affirm that I will abide by the code of ethics outlined by the Florida Anthropological Society: FAS_Ethics.pdf.
  2. I understand the potentially confidential nature of assisting in providing archaeological site updates. I will keep archaeological site information confidential and will not disclose or discuss the location of these sites with the general public.
  3. I deem it my responsibility to practice and demonstrate excellent stewardship of these archaeological sites. I will not willfully cause harm or loss to these sites.
  4. I understand that information I generate belongs to the State of Florida and the managers of the HMS Florida program, the Florida Public Archaeology Network.
  5. I agree to take on all risk associated with site stewardship and hold only myself accountable for my well-being and safety.
  6. I understand that failure to comply with this agreement or the referenced codes of ethics at any time will result in a discontinuation of my involvement with the HMS Florida program.

Required. You can change this preference anytime after signing up, but you must you pick at least one region before an archaeological site can be assigned to you for monitoring.

FPAN Regions

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Knowing this helps us decide which sites to assign to you, but it is optional and you can change it anytime after signing up.